*All vendor applicants must be independently run, small business.

Marketing Booth -$25

- Marketing booths give you an opportunity to represent your business to a crowd of potential clients. There is absolutely no sales or money exchange at these table top spaces. It’s a great way for small a business to get their name out, talk about their craft, generate business, promote their upcoming events, offer coupons or gather up contact info of potential clients. Businesses must be solely owned and operated by booth representatives.

Retail Booth- $75

-Retail Booths are best for those who have a business with tangible product and are ready to sell, sell, sell!! Products for sale must be handcrafted by owner/s or vintage wares. Seller must have products available for under $50.00. Our market place is a space for the makers + creators to showcase their craft. All retail booths are responsible for their own set up, table and pop up tent if desired.

Workshop Booth -$250

- Workshop booths are larger spaces, set aside for you to offer a workshop that represents your independent business/craft. Businesses will charge attendants for their workshop as they see fit (ex: flower crown workshop, $20 each, bath salt blending workshop, $10 each). You are responsible for all necessary supplies to make your workshop successful.

Food / Dessert +/- $300

- Please inquire via email (solsticesoireemurphys@gmail.com) for details that may vary, depending on your food service business.

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  • Were you a vendor at the 2018 Solstice Soirée?

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  • Booth space is limited

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